Bergeon 6767 Spring Bar Tool Review 01

Bergeon 6767 Spring Bar Tool Review

Bergeon 6767 Spring bar tool Review

Any watch enthusiast should have a set of tools to help maintain their watches, and at the very top of my list of suggested tools is the humble Spring Bar Tool. Designed to simply depress a spring bar, this is a tool that you might not think you need, but trust me; you do.

When working with small delicate parts it’s always best to use the correct tool for the job. I’ve seen countless watches with scratched up lugs and case-backs because somebody figured they could get away with swapping out a strap using by using their cheap eyeglasses screwdriver set. Is it possible? Sure, but why use the wrong tool and potentially damage your expensive watch when investing in a quality spring bar tool could make the process so, so much easier.

So what exactly is a Spring Bar?

Spring bars are the tiny little spring loaded pins that hold watch straps in place. In most watches the bar will fit through the last link on your watch’s bracelet and snap into two corresponding holes or divots in the lugs of the watch head. There are usually two spring bars, one on each end, but some bracelets might have four or even six. Most spring bars will have little ridges or shoulders that the spring bar tool can fit into making the process easier.

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Ok, so why do I need a special tool?

When you are working with very small components even the most simple of mechanical tasks can become quite difficult. The Bergeon 6767 Spring bar tool is a high quality tool designed make the task of removing watch straps and bracelets as painless as possible. The forked end is large enough to bite into the shoulder of a spring bar, but also small enough to fit into the tightest bracelets. This gives you the best possible leverage in this small area, and reduces the potential for slippage so you don’t accidentally put a big scratch in your watches nice finish. On the opposite end is a stainless steel 0.80mm pointed end that is perfect for pushing out cotter pins or depressing spring bars from the side if your watch has drilled lugs. Each tip is removable and has identical threading making it easy and convenient to change or replace the tips as necessary.
Bergeon 6767 Spring Bar Tool Review

How do I remove the spring bars?

In order to remove a spring bar that’s fitted into a watch you need to use the wedge shaped end of the tool. Position it in between the two grooves that run round the end of the spring bar. Keeping it at a 90 degree angle, apply firm pressure and push inwards towards the center of the spring bar. This will compress it and allow you to pop it out from between the lugs on the watch head.
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The Burgeon 6767 comes in two flavors: “F” and “S”

Generally the “F” tip is better suited for metal bracelets. It has a smaller diameter shaft to fit into the smaller openings in metal bracelets. The “S” tip is made with leather straps in mind, and as such has blunted ends and a wedge shape shaft. The blunted ends make it less likely to gouge the leather around the spring bar, and the wedge gives you better clearance when prying against the edge of the strap.
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Bergeon 6767 Spring Bar Tips – F is better for metal bracelets and S is better for leather straps


The Bergeon 6767 Spring Bar Tool is available in both “F” and “S” varieties. My recommendation would be to purchase the one you will use the most, and then purchase the other tip separately. You can always swap tips as needed.


$26.36 Bergeon 6767 Spring Bar Tool “S” at
$21.99 Bergeon 6767 Spring Bar Tool “F” at

$11.99 Replacement 6767 “S” Tip at
$11.99 Replacement 6767 “F” Tip at


I hope you found this Bergeon 6767 Spring Bar Tool Review helpful! Did I leave something out? Have something to add? Let me know in the comments.

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